Workshops and IWOCA Open Problem Session

As in previous years, IWOCA 2021 will host the traditional IWOCA Open Problems Session and will be collocated with the StringMasters workshop and the GraphMasters Open workshop.

StringMasters workshop and GraphMasters Open workshop

The workshops will be on July 8, 2021.

Their goal is to foster collaboration between researchers interested in string algorithms, graph algorithms, and related problems. The spirit of the workshops is informal: working space is provided to the participants, who are welcome to group as they like and seek each other’s counsel and opinion. More details on the workshops and their history can be found at and

If you intend to participate, you can either register for IWOCA or simply send an email to the organizers:

GraphMasters Open: Alessio Conte (conte [at]
StringMasters: Travis Gagie (travis.gagie [at] )

The workshops will start with participants introducing interesting string- and graph-related problems: ideally these should be problems that can be introduced quickly and without excessive technical detail (which can be further discussed later on in the working sessions), while grabbing the attention of a wide range of researchers.

If you have a string- or graph-related problem to share, please email the organizers. We also encourage you to present these problems in the Open Problems Session of IWOCA, which will take place during the conference.

IWOCA Open Problems Session

Since its earliest gatherings, the International (originally Australasian) Workshop on Combinatorial Algorithms (IWOCA) has had collaborative problem solving as an essential part of its meetings. This takes place alongside the formal program of invited and contributed talks, although there is now one timetabled meeting to fire-up activity! This provides an enjoyable and fraternal element and contributes to the special nature of these workshops.

If you have an open problem you would like to present, or have presented, at the conference, please write to the IWOCA Problem Session Chairs:

  • Alessio Conte (conte [at]
  • Gabriele Fici (gabriele.fici [at]

Open problems are collected and documented on the IWOCA homepage:

Our aim is to publish each problem in the form of 1-2 page PDFs, that also provide some background information and references for the problems, like here:
Please be ready to put your problem into this format if we ask you to.

To attend you must register to IWOCA 2021 at

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